Private Pilot License

The Private Pilot Certificate, internationally referred to as the Private Pilot License (PPL), allows students to obtain the foundational knowledge and skills for all future aircraft pilot training. As a Private Pilot, you can fly an airplane day and night (if one has a Night Rating) in visual flight conditions and carry passengers (friends, family, co-workers, etc.). You cannot fly for paid compensation or hire. The PPL is your foundation course on a pathway to a Commercial Pilot’s License.

Requirements for Issue of a PPL

An applicant for a Private Pilot License, shall;

  1. Be at least seventeen years of age for a license other than the operation of glider or balloon;
  2. Be at least sixteen years of age for a license in a glider or balloon;
  3. Be in possession of a valid Class 2 Medical Certificate.
  4. Receive an endorsement for the knowledge test in the student pilot’s logbook from an authorized instructor.
  5. Pass the required PPL knowledge test;
  6. Meet the aeronautical experience requirements that apply to the aircraft category and class rating sought before applying for the practical test.
  7. Receive flight training and a logbook endorsement from an authorized instructor.
  8. Pass a practical test - PPL (GFT) done by an authorized examiner.
  9. Pass the English Language Proficiency Exam with either of the following results;
  10. Pass the English Language Proficiency
Application Requirements
  1. Fully completed forms as follows;PPL application Forms;
  2. A valid Medical Certificate Class 2.
  3. Submit four photographs - full face (2cm by 2.5cm);
  4. Present a photo Identification Card or Passport, or Birth Certificate and a photocopy of the same.
  5. Certified copies of the last 2 pages of the personal logbook. These pages show the latest flying experience certified by the pilot’s supervisor, who will certify the relevant logbook entries by endorsing his signature and license number.
  6. Payment of the prescribed fees: Kshs. 2,000 for those below 40 years and Kshs. 1,000 for those above 40 years.
Renewal of a Private Pilot’s License
  1. Fully completed forms as follows; PPL application Forms;
  2. A current Class 2 or Class 1 medical certificate;
  3. A certified logbook or other flight record to substantiate the 5 PIC hours required for renewal of a PPL. The log book is to be certified by the instructor or the chief pilot, by endorsing his signature and license number, indicating what he is certifying.
  4. Copies of the last 2 pages of the applicant’s log book.
Renewal of a Lapsed Private Pilot License

Where a license has not been renewed by the date of expiry, the validity of the license standards are lapsed.

To ensure the validity of the lapsed license; the license holder shall meet the requirements subject to the lapsed periods as follows:

  1. If the PPL has been expired for a period of less than six months, and all renewal requirements were met prior to the date of expiry; there are no additional requirements;
  2. More than six (6) months but not more than three (3) years;The applicant will;
    • Pass a written examination in Air Law or Regulations;
    • Pass a type rating practical check-out on an aircraft type endorsed or on the type rating sought; and (Form 64)
    • Meet the normal renewal requirements as indicated above.
  3. More than three (3) years but not more than 10 years;The applicant will;
    • Undertake a refresher course in an ATO in preparation for the practical and knowledge tests which should include ten (10) hours as PIC.
    • Pass a PPL practical test (GFT) on the class or aircraft type rating sought.
    • Pass a PPL composite knowledge examination.
  4. More than ten (10) years, an applicant shall meet all requirements for initial issue of a PPL.

Source: KCAA Website -

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